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Concerns and solutions for 3pl services

Most modern businesses need a third-party logistics or 3PL provider to help them manage their products and get them to their customers immediately. The service is so important to a business’s success that it has grown to become a multi-billion dollar industry. In fact, most of the Fortune 1000 companies use 3rd party fulfillment for more efficient operations. You may be expecting to hire 3PL services at some point, but you may not be sure if now is the right time.

Working with 3PL companies is a big commitment that can help you grow your business further and enjoy widened recognition in your industry. However, many people understandably have many concerns when turning over their warehousing and distribution to someone else. Here are four of the most common concerns many people have over using 3PL services and how to resolve them:

1. Losing Control Over Logistics

The chief concern that most businesses have when switching over to 3PL fulfillment is that they’ll lose control over the logistics concerning their products. They’ve worked extremely hard to achieve the level of success they currently enjoy, which may run the risk of going down the drain if a logistics company mishandles the distribution and storing of their products.

However, entrusting such processes to a reputable professional will give you more time and resources to accomplish other specialized tasks. Such companies have the skills, knowledge, networks, and equipment to carry out the job efficiently, allowing you to focus on your business and helping it grow. You can overcome your concern over the loss of control by choosing a 3PL provider that offers real-time fulfillment data, accessible at any time. It also helps if they offer exceptional customer service to maintain the level of customer satisfaction your business is known for.

2. Not Having a Customizable Service

A growing business has evolving needs, which means you’ll need a personalized service to best match your needs. It’s important to note that each company has a unique product that may require special handling, assembly, or kitting. You may also need reverse logistics to accommodate customers who have concerns about the product they received, such as a manufacturing defect.

You’ll need to choose a 3PL provider that can provide a flexible, transparent, and dependable service to work around this. They must also demonstrate a willingness to listen to your concerns and offer scalable solutions, ensuring they accommodate your business needs. Additionally, a 3PL provider is an important business partner that must be proactive and invested in your business’s growth—your success is as much theirs.

3. Integrating Systems

Maintaining a smooth line of communication is essential when working with 3PL services. You’ll want to make sure that your provider can quickly integrate with your information systems, which is crucial if they’re helping out with customer support, vendor management, and other aspects. Maintaining accurate documentation of your inventory will help you avoid back orders, delays, and cancellations, keeping your customers satisfied.

If you’re concerned about system integration, be sure to ask the provider about the technical support they can offer and their capabilities to troubleshoot. They must also demonstrate a commitment to improving their processes constantly.

4. Handling Reverse Logistics

It is essential to implement a seamless, efficient method for handling returns. It helps maintain strong inventory control, smooth processes, and prevent a decrease in cash flow, especially as you’re processing your customers’ refunds.

Whether you’re recalling products or dealing with dissatisfied customers, you’ll need a 3PL provider who will centralize the returns and minimize as much waste as possible when processing them. Given the frenzy of online ordering that occurs every day, more people are inclined to return products they hastily bought, making it crucial to work with a service that expertly handles reverse logistics.


Entrusting your warehousing and inventory to a 3PL logistics company can be frightening. However, working with a reputable provider will relieve all your worries and resolve some of the logistical issues you’ve been struggling with, allowing you to focus on the tasks you do best.




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